Saturday, February 25, 2012

31 Days to Clean: Day 2, Part 2

After the cookies were baked, decorated, and half eaten, the kids started bouncing off of the walls and decided to start playing with the couch cushions.  Ordinarily I would turn into "monster mom" and insist that they clean up the mess RIGHT NOW.  Instead, I made a suggestion.  I'll be honest. I had moments where I wondered what on earth I was getting myself into, I mean...there is still laundry to do and we really need to run to the store for a gift for tomorrow's birthday party, but I took a deep breath, joined in their play, and asked if they'd like to build a fort. Joy spread across their faces and through the house as they collected nearly every single one of the pillows and blankets in the house and created this...

The door is right there underneath Spiderman's foot.

But, check out the inside...

Their completed fort had 5 rooms, one for each of them and a "courtyard" area. The squeals of delight were wonderful to hear and the mess?'s just part of the work of homemaking AND play.

It's the smiles that make it ALL worth it!

Now, I need to get on with Martha's the fridge and freezer. EEK!

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