Friday, February 24, 2012

Perfectionist Desires for my Home

If I told you that I am a perfectionist, you would totally laugh if you could take a quick peek into our home. We are talking rolling on the floor, clutching your belly, snorting through your nose laugh (my cousin does this, by the way, and it is AWESOME)!   You would take one look at the floor, which clearly needs a vacuum, a mop  a BULLDOZER, glance over at the heaping laundry pile in the hallway (laundry baskets are currently either in the laundry room basement waiting on the load that has been dry for a few days or in the girls' room acting as a dresser), the dishes in the sink (they were clean yesterday) and not even want to open any of the doors for fear of what you would find. That would be a very smart move.  So, it's no wonder that I have some perfectionistic desires for my homemaking.

I want to have the clean home, where we can receive friends, family, or even vacuum cleaner salesmen at a moments notice and not be horribly embarrassed to open the door or make excuses all the while picking the errant dinosaur, barbie or *gasp* dirty plate up off of the floor so that they can get to the sofa to sit and chat a bit.  I want to prepare healthy meals that nourish my familys' body and soul all the while teaching my 3 daughters and 1 son the correct way to chop an onion, dice some carrots and make authentic Mexican dishes so that they don't lose touch with their Mexican heritage.  I want to have a full hour every morning to sit and pray and worship and pray some more, studying my bible and spending time with my God, filling myself up with the wisdom, love and patience that I will need for the day of being with my children, the people that I work with and all of the other people as well (other peoples' children, parents, crazy drivers, bank tellers, cashiers, etc).  I want to have a healthy body and set healthy examples for my children (daughters especially) so that as they grow into their womanly bodies, they love themselves and know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made just as they are by a creator who loves them more than anything. 

I want to be THAT woman. Do you know the one? The one that looks like she has it together all of the time. Her home is clean. Her children are clean and neat and well behaved (even in the grocery store). Her spices are organized alphabetically, in the pantry on shelves that she built all by herself with her husband's power tools. She knows right where her bible is as any given moment, can quote scripture applicable to any given situation, and never, ever has to worry that you will need to use her one and only bathroom while you are chatting, for fear that someone didn't flush (or worse).  I know that she doesn't exist. I know that she is a figment of my imagination. But I want to try...

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