Saturday, February 25, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Have you ever had a moment when you were both proud and a little embarrassed?  I took 2 of the kids to Target to buy a birthday present for tomorrow's birthday party, and had asked my oldest daughter to clean up her room while I was gone. 

When I came home, she was online, looking at this... She was on step # 7. It was a proud moment, as she has seen me do this many times before, looking for a detailed list of how to clean the bathroom, kitchen or other room, so she was doing as she had learned by watching me.  She watches me!  :)

But, then the doubts started to creep up from that little dark place where doubts hide.  I was also a little embarassed.  I should have taught her the correct way to clean her bedroom, right?!? Shouldn't she know what she needs to do first, second and so on to get her room clean? 

After a moment, I realized that I am doing my job as a mom. I may not teach her everything she needs to know about how to clean a room, or cook a meal, or even everything she needs to know about God, but I have taught her where to find what she needs to know. She knows that you can look online to get detailed instructions for cleaning up around the house, but more importantly, she knows that you open up your Bible to learn about God. 

Want to know the best part?

Now, she can find her Bible!

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